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Help for school challenges, meltdowns, handwriting, sensory processing and more. 

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Maggie Yates

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

After over 7 years working with children as an OT, I believe...

  • Children grow when we meet them where they are

  • You, the parent, are the expert on your child

  • A good therapist can be the guide to all that you and your child want to accomplish together


As a mother, I know first-hand what it’s like to wonder if your child could benefit from support and wish there were someone to come alongside with non-judgmental help. It's hard to see your child struggle and wonder how success will be possible.

Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone.


Call today for a free consultation and let us get you on the path to success. 

Consulting with Hyde Park Kids OT

Popular Topics

  • Creating smooth transitions

  • Setting up the home or classroom for success

  • Achieving a particular milestone (shoe tying, handwriting, bike riding)

  • How to prevent and manage meltdowns

Frequent meltdowns? Feeling stuck? Needing help for transitions, setting up the environment, or streamlining daily routines?

Occupational Therapy consulting services can help solve persistent challenges for children at school, while in childcare, and at home.


Consulting available for

  • teachers

  • daycare staff

  • school administrators

  • and parents 

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What Happy Parents

are Saying

Maggie worked with my son beginning in nursery school for over a year to assist him with sensory integration, managing transitions, and self-control. He absolutely loved every week and would beg to go back daily because Maggie got down to his level and found positive ways for him to get out extra energy and express emotions. We highly recommend Maggie for excellent occupational therapy services, a great sense of humor, and an especially caring manner.




Our daughter thrived with Maggie and her support, we saw improvements and growth week upon week. Maggie genuinely enjoyed her time with my daughter and helping her reach her milestones.